What should I bring for the first session?

First and foremost you will need your doggo’s one meal portion. If you feed dry food, just get the right amount. If you feed raw, we will use that or get some boiled chicken breast or dehydrated meat. Also, bring some of your doggo’s favourite fruit and vegetables! We are not big fans of commercial training treats.

Wear comfortable clothing. You will also train your doggo and you need to feel great in your outfit. Wearing trainers is a must! We also recommend long trousers and not so fancy tops and t-shirts. Wear something you would wear for a walk or the gym.

Bring some poop bags with you, we have a little yard and your doggo might use it. Bring a training pouch or an old bumbag you can put the food in for training. We don’t like using plastic bags for various reasons.

Bring your doggo’s favourite toy! We have plenty of toys, but sometimes it is nice to play with a toy your dog knows.

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