What is the deposit?

It secures your time slot for the first session. It must be paid in advance. It is the worth of one single session – as it was booked individually – and it cannot be paid by cash during the first session. If you decide to do a course the deposit will be included in the …

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How can I cancel/postpone a session?

You can cancel/postpone your session 24 hours before the scheduled lesson. Just drop us a message! You can’t cancel/postpone your session within 24 hours of the start of the scheduled lesson.

Do you do house visits?

All the sessions are held at our training venue, a neutral and safe environment for you and your dog. Why? We believe that in order to identify the underlying issue of certain behaviours, the dog needs to be extracted from his/her ‘comfort zone of the household’ and introduced to a different – and neutral – …

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