the dog fixer seminar – a hybrid seminar

Are you keen to learn more about dogs, adopting or getting a dog soon, a dog walker or pet sitter, working with dogs, a happy dog parent already, have issues with your dog, or simply a dog enthusiast?

Then this seminar is for you! Join in person or online!


30th April 2022
humans only
45 EUR in-person
35 EUR online audience
by booking only

content info

· How dogs think -a dog’s brain
· Dispelling some myths
· Causes of behavioural problems
· Positive reinforcement vs punishment
· Common behavioural problems
· The essential needs of your dog
· Adopted and rescued dogs
· A dog’s body language
· Training / Tips
· Why does my dog do that?

how to book?

Choose your preferred type of attendance, in-person at the Dog Dynamics venue or online via Zoom.

Send the booking fee via PayPal by clicking on the button below.

attendance type

You’ll receive a transaction number, your booking is complete.

Online participants will receive a Zoom link via the e-mail address on PayPal on 26th April.

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