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The key to a happy, healthy dog is as easy as Physical, Mental, Dental…

Get moving! Walk twice a day with your dog, channel their energy and make them work for their supper! K9Connectables patented food dispensing system gets dogs moving and active by using their own food to motivate them at meal times. A great compliment to an active dogs lifestyle.

All toys connect together for infinite variety with 1-6 levels of difficulty, from easy soft play for gentle dogs to tougher Pro level for high energy dogs. Your dog has to use their brain to figure out how to break the connections and get their rewards.

Ultra premium dry dog food and treats have proven formulas that aid oral hygiene, reduce plaque and tartar build up. When combined with the texture, grooves and chewing motion of our toys your dog will be happy, healthy and smiling!

K9Connectables are designed to engage, and entertain your dog in a variety of ways every day. Give your dog a job and keep them active, thinking and busy!

Apple4Pets specializes in all things NATURAL – Raw, Wet & Dry foods. The Nature’s Pharmacy managed by the resident Animal Nutritionist carries only Natural supplements and remedies, no conventional medicines are stocked.  The Grooming Parlour & Spa is managed by a dedicated professional groomer ready to pamper Pet Parents’ loved ones. Apple4Pets’ ethos is to treat all furry kids like their own…with tender loving care.

Willingness was founded in 2011 with the concept of providing holistic services with regards to Family, Sex and Health. Willingness Team is a multidisciplinary team composed of different professionals with backgrounds in the therapeutic, medical, educational or social fields among others; mainly with a background in psychology. Our mission is bringing professionals and students together to fight the stigma of mental health by encouraging ‘the willingness to adapt’. Our vision is a resilient self-aware society, capable to address mental health effectively and adapt to life’s adversities more easily. To do this we follow the values of professionality, approachability, evidence-based practice, and team. 

Currently, Willingness offers the following services: individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, sex and relationship therapy, integrative counselling, psychological assessments, cognitive behavioural therapy, child psychology, educational psychology, counselling for families going through illness, gestalt psychotherapy, career guidance, life coaching and parent coaching and consultations, among others. Therapeutic services are also available online through our online clinic.

Phone number: 79291817

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