The magic potion

It’s MAGIC time!!! You may wonder how MAGIC fits into dog training…you are right, it doesn’t….
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  • Blame games in the dog world

    Blame games in the dog world

    We all know those eyes after the paper towel got destroyed or the flip-flops got chewed on. We ask then, why do they keep doing it? They know it’s wrong! They give us the puppy eyes and try to be cute! They know what they did! Do they? Or is it just a reaction to our not very positive emotions and raising the white flag instinctively to avoid confrontation?

  • Mani – Pedi and Cooperative Care

    Mani – Pedi and Cooperative Care

    You notice your dog’s nails when it’s time to trim them, and whether your dog dreads those pedicures or not, you may have never really given those nails much thought. Dog nails are more than just sharp protrusion from your dog’s paws. They are there for many reasons and there are many things to discover about them.

  • Importance of canine first aid

    Importance of canine first aid

    Vets are the experts, but most of us are not lucky enough to have a vet-in-residence 24/7. Even if you live in a house with other people, odds are that when the dog cuts a paw or chokes on something you will be home alone and it will be after veterinary hours. That’s why it’s so important that pet parents know how to jump to the task to help their doggo feel better before rushing to the emergency clinic! While Canine First Aid is by no means a replacement for competent veterinary care, there are some things you can master to help care for your pet until they can get proper medical attention. If you know these things, you can help your vet better help your pet – you’ll be working as a team.

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