A little dog history

30,000 years ago, humans were still hunter-gatherers, long before humans settled down and long before agriculture started; human settlement started ≈12,000 years ago (Larsen, 1995). …
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Do you speak dog

Dogs are amazing observers of their human companion and surroundings. All actions are cued with the outcomes. Their bond and structure of communication plays a …
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Why do dogs have wet noses?

You probably know the feeling when your doggo’s wet nose suddenly touches your skin. Also, if you’re a dog parent, you have for sure cleaned …
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The magic potion

It’s MAGIC time!!! You may wonder how MAGIC fits into dog training…you are right, it doesn’t. Dog training is a journey and most definitely not quick …
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Family member with 4 paws

Dogs! Aren’t they just unique? We have grown up hearing “Dog is man’s best friend” and “Dogs are very loyal to their humans”. Through our …
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