want to keep your dog mentally and physically fit and healthy?

all this by creating and maintaining a healthy bond with your dog? Want to learn how to work as a team?

What is Canine Fitness?

Canine Fitness is a tailor-designed exercise program to suit your dog’s needs to strengthen the their body and mind.

One might say, but my dog already does fitness by playing fetch, going for long walks, runs and swim. These activities are all great, however they are more cardio oriented. Canine fitness is about exercising target muscles groups in the long term as an injury prevention and enhancement of well-being. 

Just think about it. Before you exercise your dog (even going for a walk) do you do warm-up for them? Or after exercise, do you do a few minutes of cool-down activities? Not many people do this with their dog, but it is absolutely necessary to prevent injuries and keep healthy.


Is the program good for my dog?

Since the program is individually tailored for your dog, it is suitable for anyone who would like to make sure their canine companion is getting the best fitness care.

Suitable for:

  • Companion dogs
  • Pet dogs
  • Service Dogs: search and rescue dogs, police dogs, guide dogs
  • Show Dogs 
  • Sport Dogs

Canine Fitness caters for prevention where particular muscle groups are targeted through exercise, continuous recording of body parameters and visual aspects of the progress. Canine Fitness is NOT A REHABILITATION program, these these two have completely different applications.

Would you like to try a dog sport? Agility and hoopers?

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What happens during the assessment and the full program?

Each training program is based on the dog’s assessment performance. During the physical assessment we measure muscle mass, observe flexibility and weight distribution mechanisms. During the mental assessment we observe how your dog coordinates their body for different cues. During the assessment we keep your dog’s lifestyle in mind. Once the assessment is complete, a program is designed for 4 weeks followed by a reassessment.

6 months
4 one-to-one sessions
free online feedback
150 EUR
by booking only

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