Next course: online – 10th june 2023,

face-to-face 24th june 2023

learn how to help your dog in case of emergency with our

canine fiRst aid course

free first aid kit with your ‘certificate of completion’


‘all-in’ 70 Eur, 24/06

Theory face-to-face + practical skills & quiz

Certificate of completion

‘light’ 20 Eur, online, 10/06

first aid theory online

Certificate of attendance

Course content:

  • Your role as a first-aider
  • Keeping your dog safe in emergencies
  • Avoiding injuries
  • Recognizing and dealing with illnesses and injuries
  • Travelling safely with your dog.

more details

10th June 2023
20 EUR
24th June2023
only face-to-face
70 EUR

CoC = Certificate of Completion

CoA = Certificate of Attendance

Package options:

  • ‘ALL-IN’ Theory face-to-face + practical skills & quiz (CoC)
  • ‘LIGHT’ Only theory online (CoA)

free first aid kit with ‘ALL-IN’

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read more about canine first aid and the course content in our blog

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