Family member with 4 paws

Dogs! Aren’t they just unique? We have grown up hearing “Dog is man’s best friend” and “Dogs are very loyal to their humans”. Through our experience we have met many families who welcomed a family member with 4 paws! In some situations it is a “picture perfect” and in some, let’s say, it isn’t. Having a dog in the family should only bring joy and an additional bond within the family.

Bringing a puppy into your family

The day you’ve all been waiting for! Welcoming the precious puppy in their new home! Have you thought of the experience from the puppy’s point of view? We always emphasize the fact that the puppy you are bringing has been used to a certain environment for about 16 weeks – prior and post birth. A puppy moving to your family is overwhelming while it is The Day your family have been waiting for.

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