want to start a new and productive activity with your dog?

you care for a working breed needing more mental and physical stimulation? let’s get started!

foundation classes starting this summer – 28th june

What will you learn?

  • communication basics
  • forward focus
  • building and controlling drive
  • basic directions
  • jump and tunnel
  • contact preparation
  • balance improvement
  • canine fitness
  • weave poles
  • handler training
  • see-saw
  • maintenance of the basics

All sessions are held one-to-one. All canine participants will undergo an initial fitness assessment. All human participants are invited to an introductory seminar (10th June) that summarizes the program and theory behind the sport.

Agility is a team sport that reflects mutual respect, understanding and clear communication within the pair. The handler and the dog. Agility requires great commitment and patience. It is a slow and precise build-up of skills both from the handler’s and from the dog’s side. Both need to be fit, focused and motivated. Before moving on from the foundations to longer courses and jumps, an x-ray is required of the elbows and hips of the dog with a vet check that gives the green light to continue. Health and safety is above all.

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