who are we?

Dog (and people) trainers, focused on both physical activity and psychological well being. 

Through our carefully crafted, active training sessions, and long-term support, we’ll help you overcome your challenges together. We’ll help you learn to communicate with your doggo, provide ample enrichment, and ultimately enjoy a happy, balanced life together.

Fundamental to who we are, our approach to training is a holistic one. Because we help dogs and owners bond, work through problems and build relationships in a dynamic way; 


[ dahy-nam-ik ] plural: dynamics

an energy or factor that guides and influences a process of growth, change, interaction, or activity

How are we dynamic?

  • In our training system; through a holistic approach which considers both physical activity and psychological well being.
  • In how we approach each individual dog and owner, how we offer guidance and in everything we do.
  • In how we build training plans – unique to each individual situation, dog and owner.
  • In our own personal development; by being forward thinking, constantly learning from the latest scientific research and techniques.

Our past

Heroes On Paws was born overnight in 2018. Since then, we have worked with hundreds of wonderful dogs, listened to your struggles, watched, learned and been inspired by your achievements. 

We’ve been inspired to broaden our vision, and our reach – in the hope we can help many more dogs and their owners build happy, healthy relationships. 

We’ve also been doing some soul searching, to truly understand what sits at the heart of our organisation. Why we believe so strongly in what we do, and how we do it. 

So today, 3 years on, with the support of you, our wonderful clients, we have made a big change – not just in our new name, but how our space is set up and even how we look.

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