Bespoke, holistic training for dogs and their guardians.

this is what we do


Mental stimulation

We teach and train through mental stimulation. What’s that? Puzzles, enrichment, bonding and so much more! We bring out your dog’s natural instincts to help them learn!


Active Life

Productive physical stimulation is just as important as mental. Our venue is ready for you and your dog to learn how to play productively. Fetch will never be the same!

Canine Fitness

Improving balance, strengthening the core and stretching. All part of a healthy canine lifestyle. Outdoorsy dog? Prepare them for a kayak adventure! Layabout dog? Make those muscles move gently!

Behaviour rehabilitation

We teach you solutions, indirectly addressing any issues. Does it work? Yes. Is it hard work? Yes. Does it take time? Yes. But we are here to support you and your dog along the way.

Body language

Understanding our dog’s body language is essential but harder than we’d think. Anyone can learn to read dogs. We teach you to be able to read YOUR dog.

Much much more

Unlock your dog’s hidden abilities, strengths and amazing skills! Walkies, sleep, walkies, repeat? Expand your dog’s experience in life! Let’s have fun! Join us!

About holistic training

Bespoke, holistic training for dogs and their owners.

Our training philosophy lies in the unique approach to how we look at a dog, their owners and their relationship. We wish to understand their life, what makes them happy, what motivates them and what their fears, concerns are.

Holistic training is a unique approach addressing the overall well-being of the dog. A happy dog is one that can cope with any situation, any time, anywhere. This requires maintaining full physical and mental care. We strive to tackle underlying issues. There is no quick fix. We teach solutions – coping mechanisms and concepts – indirectly addressing the triggers of behaviour.

We train the dog in front of us. The fundamentals of training never change, but the way we present it to each owner and their dog depends on their unique situation and dynamic.

what other says about us

“Charlie is slowly learning that water is fun. This will eventually lead to swimming is fun! Heroes on Paws also helped me control Charlie around other dogs. Charlie learned that he has to listen to my voice. You made our lives easier!”
Charlie & Maria
“Dog Dynamics have been with us every step of the way to help us bring out the very best in Alfie! Not only have they been able to help us tackle every single hurdle, bad habit or challenge we’ve brought to them, but they’ve also been amazingly supportive along the way.”
Alfie, Kate & Clint
“Dog Dynamics taught us how to keep Blu motivated and happy. He adores his teachers, and loves to attend his lessons…Their way of working is unique.”
Blu, Antoinette & Pierre

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